About Us

Well, let me start by introducing myself, my name is Melissa Weaver. For the last 16 years I have been chasing a dream of being a bar owner. I know, before you even shake your head, I know; however, I am a little different, let me explain.

Daughter of Chicago’s western suburbs, I achieved two degrees in business management, and decided to leave a career of 18 years to follow my dream of being in the service industry. I have built a steady following on both the south and north sides of Chicago.

I started off as a server in Wrigleyville, my first time working in a bar/restaurant, and it was the home opener 2014.

Then on to the West Loop for 2014-2015 Hawks where I was finally given the opportunity to be behind the bar. The person I worked for has unbeknownst to them at the time became my mentor, (I still “startend” for them from time to time nine years later).

Then on to Lakeview where I was able to be part of the opening crew at two different establishments, both of which I created the cocktails, and the programs for, and that’s when my cocktails first hit the streets of Chicago. I took some of those cocktails with me to a dive bar in Uptown for a few years, (even tried to purchase that bar).

Fast forward to a little more current I spent most of 2022 as the Beverage Director for an 8-time semi-finalist for the James Beard Award, and one of the few that have beaten Bobby Flay. I created the summer and fall cocktail menus, and who is quoted saying “Melissa has steadily turned out the best cocktails we could dream of.”

To where I am now, I have branched out on my own to consult for bars and restaurants both new and existing, bartending private events, creating cocktails for special occasions, and teaching workshops in your kitchen’s.

My passion is making excellent cocktails, combining flavors, and pushing the limits of possibilities. When I am not busy playing with flavors, you will find me in a garden, playing softball, finding my next hurry up and wait project and being with my family.